Home remedies for Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning can be a task at times, but its still something that cannot go overlooked.

The place where you cook food and mostly end up eating too shall not an unpleasant space.

To save your time and effort, here are some tips and tricks for cleaning your kitchen area and those area in the kitchen which are usually ignored, so that cleaning does not have to as boring as it seems.

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1] Stains and deposits near the sink.

 A simple and easy way to clean the area near the sink which usually ends up with stains after you’ve just finished doing the dishes.

  • Pour some hot water above the stains and let it rest for a couple a seconds, this will breakdown the stubbornness of it.
  • Take a cleaning cloth and put some vinegar on it. Vinegar helps to remove the stains easily without any scrubbing.

Swipe off the area, the stains should come off easily

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2] Cleaning an Oven

There are multiple ways to clean an oven, here are the 2 for the most easiest and quick cleaning.

Using Lemons.

  • Take a lemon and cut it in half, use lemons as per the size of your oven.
  • Remove the plates and squeeze the lemons drops on all corners.
  • Take a cloth dipped in hot water and wipe off the oven from inside.
  • Wash the plates separately and let them dry before putting in back in.
  • Take a dry cloth wipe off the inside of the oven once again to ensure it is dry.

Using Baking Soda and Water.

  • Make a paste from mixing baking soda and water. [qty depends on size of oven]
  • Scrub the paste in your oven and let it sit for sometime [ around 30mins]
  • The baking soda will break down the grease and grime making it easier for you to clean.
  • Spray some vinegar on top of the paste come off without and further scrubbing.

Your oven has now become as clean as it was when you first unwrapped it.

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3] Get rid of smelly drains in kitchen and unclog them.

Clogged drains end up in giving out a foul smell which disturb the kitchen area. But hers a instant way of fixing the isuue.

  • Take some water in a vessel and boil it [ not too much though, we don’t want to damage the plumbing]
  • Put some dish washing liquid or detergent in it.
  • Pour it down the kitchen sink slowly.

P.S – to avoid this issue completely, use a drain filter in your sink which stops large amounts of trash from going in your sink, which usually results in clogging up.


4] How to clean Copper utensils.

For this you will need some salt and vinegar [ Yes vinegar will help you a lot in cleaning]

  • Sprinkle salt over the base of the copper pot.
  • Pour white vinegar over it.
  • Take a scrub pad and start scrubbing the vinegar and salt over the pan. Add more salt and vinegar as and when required.

Wash the pot with warm water after you are done scrubbing

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5] Remove odour from the kitchen.

  • Take some spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise, or some orange and lemon peels, and simmer them in some water over the stove for a while. It will work as an air freshener and remove and sort of cooking odour or any other.

There you go, hope these home remedies help you in your kitchen cleaning. if you have any more tips and tricks for cleaning share with us and get featured on our blogs!