7 tips on how to clean wood floors

7 tips on how to clean wood floors

Wood floors are very attractive aesthetically and make your house look rich and clean. But it is also one of the most difficult flooring to maintain its classy look.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your wood floor to keep it clean and shiny:

1] Daily vacuum or cleaning.

This is to make sure that the dust is not accumulated.

The dirt and dust can damage your wood floors over the time thereby damaging its finish making it seems dull. Cleaning daily can be a pain, but using products like “ALIX FLOOR SHINE” can save you the trouble and help maintaining your floors.

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2] Check for furniture marks that strayed on the wooden floors.

 This could affect the overall look of the floor and the marks can be a serious turn down. It may get difficult to scrutinise the whole flooring but using the right “cleaning solutions” can be very helpful.


3] Remove remains and spills from the floor ASAP.

 You must be very careful with liquids and food on such floors and clean the floors as soon as possible in the case you drop something on it. You do not want the stains to dry as it will then be difficult to wipe off without scrubbing or damaging the floor.

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4] Use doormats

Make use of doormats at places of entry. It can be surprising how much dirt you can walk in with and the doormat do a nice job in taking off most of it. Especially in rainy seasons having a doormat is a must, you do not want people walking over wood floors wet.


5] Away from rains.

Keep your floors away from rain, water especially can ruin the finish of your wood floors and it can also penetrate in the wood making it weak. Its retention on wood can cause permanent damage. If there is rain or rain is expected, close the doors and windows to prevent water from entering.

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6] Understand wax and polishes.

For wood floors to retain their finish, they must be regularly polished and taken care of, just like in the case of your car.

Getting the right sort of floor shine polish is key here

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7] Make smart use of rugs and carpets.

Place rugs and carpets in the area of heavy traffic i.e where people hang out the most, for example the living room is the ideal place. Having rugs and carpets helps you to trap the dirt in them rather than on the floor directly.


These are just some of the tips that can help you maintain your wooden floors finish. Wooden floors need extra caring as compared to other floor type but the looks surely reward the same.